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Boy: conservative IVDD treatment

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Boy's story happened a while back, in 2008. One day, I got home from work a little earlier and I took Boy, my 11-year old dachshund, out in our garden. I didn't see there was an unknown cat in the garden, my own cat Lucifer was nowhere to be seen.

When Boy approached the cat to say hello, she tried attacking him. Boy suddenly pulled back and began to cry uncontrollably. I immediately knew something was wrong as I struggles myself with a hernia in my neck in 2004. I finally opted for an operation with a prothese and I've been doing ok ever since. Although osteoarthritis is now starting to develop...

Back to Boy; he was clearly in a lot of pain and he normally isn't the type to show he's in pain. I went to a vet specialist in Brussels, I was referred by my own vet, and they took images of his back.

The diagnosis was clear; a hernia (IVDD) but still in an early stage where the treatment would be medication, rest, limited walks and warmth. So that's exactly what we did: weeks of almost no walking, limited space (only the kitchen), sufficient rest, lots of medication and warm elements in his basket.

It clearly helped! After a second scan the verdict was that an operation would not be necessary. He did remain sensitive for incorrect movements and often has stiffened muscles, but all could me resolved with medication, heat and massage.

He was 11 years old when it happened, and we enjoyed a few more years of hiking and cuddling together. He eventually died at the age of 16. Physically he was just fine, but mentally he wasn't anymore. Boy began acting confused and started being deaf, probably due to the brain tumors. He started having seizures, and after one really bad one I decided it wasn't fair to let him live and suffer like that. It was the most difficult decision I ever made, but out of love I decided to put an end to our wonderful years together and put him to sleep.

We said goodbye in peace at home and he passed away in my arms.

I loved my Boy so much 🧡

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