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Toby found his forever family in Bahrain on May 16th 2016. After living three fabulous years in the sunny Middle East, Toby and his family moved to Italy for one and a half years before going back to homebase: Belgium. Toby got a little human sister: Lily-Rose in 2019 and he lived his best life. Going on long walks in the woods and running in the garden, Toby was very active.

Until one day in August 2020, Toby was unable to move his back legs. The diagnoses  was very bad: Stage 5 IVDD with no DPS (deep pain sensation). After emergency spinal surgery to relieve the spinal cord and loads of physical therapie, Toby regained about 85% use of his back legs. But most importantly, he is now happy, pain-free and enjoying his long walks and cuddles with mom and dad in the sofa.

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As an owner of a dog suffering from IVDD I felt completely isolated in the world because suddenly all of my time and effort went into caring for our dog Toby. I had no idea what IVDD was and what I needed to buy in order to provide Toby with a safe and secure environment for his recovery. All of a sudden my dog went from an active 12kg dachshund to a dog who wasn't able to walk or even stand by himself, and he could not pee or poop on his own.

What I missed was a platform that supports and informs dog parents who are new to IVDD, and create a safe place where you can find all of the information, products and real IVDD stories, all on one platform. 

That is why I started Toby's Tribe in November 2020.

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Discover our blog with many different real IVDD stories

Looking for some more insights on what to expect now that your dog has been diagnosed with IVDD? On our blog, filled with real IVDD stories you can find just that.

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