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Qaiser: Conservative IVDD treatment

Our little dog's name is Qaiser, and his IVDD story started on September 2nd 2020.

He got out of the car, and suddenly he wasn't able to walk anymore. I immediately took him to the vet ; I had an appointment anyway because he was having some kind of pain the night before. The weekend before it happened he was also running a but weird, but he does that sometimes when he has a little crazy moment.

The vet immediately prescribed him some medication. Straight afterwards we went to a clinic in The Netherlands and that same day to a surgical clinic in Belgium. A CT scan using contrasting fluid confirmed the diagnosis: IVDD.

We went to the vet each day to empty his bladder as he couldn't do it himself. I was also able to do it, but I preferred the vet doing it. Each day the vet also checked for the feeling in the hind legs, but after 1 week there was still no improvement.

About two weeks later, on September 14th he stood up in his play pen for the first time, and on September 16th he started wagging his tail and was able to stand for a short period of time. We were very happy with the progress he made.

About two and a half weeks after his diagnosis he started walking with support. We have started a weekly acupuncture appointment and just started with hydrotherapy as well, which is very good as it can really strengthen the muscles.

Love, Chrisje and Qaiser

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