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Rehabilitation dog harness

Rehabilitation dog harness

Dog harness for rehabilitation


Our Toby's Tribe Rehabilitation Harness is specifically made for dogs suffering from IVDD, after a surgery or during the conservative treatment.

It supports the dog from the front and the back, with a harness on each side. Your dog will be able to enjoy a short and controlled walk while being helped.  

Combine with our double-sided leash for your own comfort.


Advantages of our harness:

  • Perfect fit: the two pieces of the harness fit perfectly and have adjustable straps
  • High Comfort: the soft material is comfortable for the dog, while the connecting pieces are on both sides, avoiding the fragile spine
  • Extra support: the front harness supports the front part of your dog while the back can fully support the hind legs
  • Easy to use: the harness is easy to use for you and your dog



Our signatury Toby's Tribe Rehabilitation harness currently exists in XS and S, covering the smallerst to the largest dachshund. 



  • Sizing

    Measurements XS

    Neck: 26 - 30 cm

    Chest: 40 - 50 cm

    Belly: 33 - 37 cm

    Lenght: 35 - 39 cm


    Measurements S

    Neck: 31 - 35 cm

    Chest: 51 - 56 cm

    Belly: 38 - 42 cm

    Lenght: 40 - 50 cm

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